How A Guy named Seun Julius Afolayan Cursed An Innocent Lady Because She Didn't Borrow Him 3k (Photos)

A guy  named Seun Julius Afolayan
On Facebook got exposed as he Cursed An Innocent Lady Because She refuse to borrow him 3k.
How horrible.
The boyfriend of the said lady came out on Facebook to warn him and this is what he said
This dignified idiot
This uncut nd wasteless human
Dzz poverty beast of no aqenda... Has stepped on
the ronq track....
I don't diss ooo, but your stupidity is beyond
You visited my qirl inbox nd asked for 3k , jst
bcus she refused, den your castretated nd poverty
self started lyinq curses on your self...
Let me jst warn u, u this upcoming madman
Stay on ya track , your view nd shadow alone is
disconnecting my network....
Nd stop beqqinq for ya useless self
Or else ,u will end up as a wasted buh wasteless
sperm beqqinq wif ya crippled brain nd self...
Everlasting bastard....
Seun Julius Afolayan
Screenshot After the cut


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